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Interview with Lucifer Valentine

German Introduction
Hallo liebe Leser/in,
heute habe ich etwas ganz Besonderes für euch. Ein Interview mit Lucifer Valentine. Wie ihr als Leser wissen solltet, mag ich seine Filme und es war mir eine Große ehre ein Interview mit ihm zu führen. Doch bitte beachtet, dass der Inhalt des Interviews explizit und sehr offen ist und nicht meine Meinung wieder spiegelt, sondern rein zur Information über die Filme von Lucifer Valentine dient.

English Introduction:
Dear readers, today I have something very special for you: an interview with Lucifer Valentine. As many of you know, I am a big fan of his work and am very honoured he took the time to give me the answers. Please keep in mind that in parts the interview is rather explicit due to a better understanding of the discussed movies.

Otaku Kaito: Your titles are always very unusual and special. Can you tell us more about their meaning and intention?

Lucifer Valentine: Well a couple examples would be the title “slaughtered vomit dolls” is to give a name to the mental apparitions that appear to Angela in her nightmares and hallucinations in the form of tortured, mutilated, decapitated and dismembered girls, as an externalized reflection of herself, as she spirals downward into hell and dies. The “slaughtered vomit dolls” of Angela’s mind appear onscreen to represent grotesque psychological mutations of the aspects of her life that have destroyed her such as bulimia, abandonment, child abuse, drug addiction, stripping , prostitution and pornography.
The title “slow torture puke chamber” means that the movie itself acts as a painful grueling torture chamber that holds Hope Likens’/Angela’s story of a bizarre and abusive incestuous love triangle between a young Angela, her father and her mother which alienates and humiliates, Angela causing her to develop bulimia. For Hope’s angela i am saying that her recounting of her story of losing the love of her father is like slow torture to her devastated child-like soul.

O.K.: Your Vomit Gore series is something completely new and extraordinary. How did you come up with the idea?

L.V.: Well thank you ! vomit gore originated out of several coinciding occurrences in my life: some friends showed me a ton of unedited maxhardcore puke fucking videos one night which triggered in me a very strong fetish of emetophila, so that means i realized that i loved having hot girls puke on my cock and then i loved puke-fucking them ! at the same time my then girlfriend and 24/7 slave ameara lavey was very ill and homeless and had been working as a stripper and hardcore amateur porn actress so of course i took her in to help nurse her back to health and also to continue our master/slave 24/7 total power exchange relationship on the condition that i could film her anytime doing anything at my discretion whilst obviously dominating her in our personal relationship. also i am a satanist and that leads me to explore a lot of dark subject matter as an artist, so, if you put all those factors together you end up with vomit gore !

O.K.: Your first movie “svd” is exceptionally interesting in terms of film editing. What were the motives to do it this way, did you have any inspirations or archetypes?

L.V.: Well the editing of svd and my style in general has tons if tiny little cuts in there and for sure with svd i wanted the edit to convey moments in the movie as shattered fragments of Ameara/Angela’s disintegrating mind and emotional states. The way I edit is the actual cuts to the footage themselves help express the mood and consciousness of any given scene or moment.

O.K.: “ReGOREgitated Sacrifice”is highly appreciated amongst the German horro-fanbase, probably because it is even weirder than the first part – was this your intention to top “Slaughtered vomit Dolls”?

L.V.: Haha, well no, I never try to top myself in extremity or weirdness or compete with other films in that aspect as well; each film I make is a unique experience and is created quite spontaneously and in that way many extreme and surreal moments arise on their own, and, when I have ideas that come to me for certain gore scenes, and ReGOREgitated Sacrifice has many, I just go with the flow of the ideas as they happen to come to me and hahaha yeah it just so happens that around the time that I was making RS i had a lot of ultra violent gory images come to mind.

O.K.: “Slow torture puke chamber” is the last part of the trilogy and is a turn in the making and atmosphere – presumably in order to lead to the end and also to show that there is so much more to be seen. Did you feel sorry that this had to be the last part?

L.V.: Hahaha well STPC isn’t the end of the trilogy, especially because I am currently making the fourth vomit gore movie as we speak, and the movies in the Vomit Gore Trilogy are not even really meant to be seen in any particular order as the moments in the 3 films are all happening simultaneously on April 5th, 1994; so what we see in the Vomit Gore Trilogy is an infinite multidimensional simultaneous cross-section of a certain moment in “time” in order to illustrate cinematically the archetype of the lost, abandoned, abused teenage runaway turned-stripper-turned-prostitute-turned drug addicted hardcore porn star.

O.K.: Let’s talk about the future: rumours say that “VG4″ is about to be made – is that so and can we expect something completely different to the first three parts?

L.V.: I have VG4 95% shot and I am excited to begin editing it in January 2013 ! VG4 is quite surreal and brutal as we delve even deeper into the Satanic realm of Angela’s sadness and self-destruction.

O.K.: Let us now return to present and your current movie “Black Metal Veins” – could you explain the movie to the readers that have not seen it yet?

L.V.: Sure ! the description I wrote for it is as follows: Black Metal Veins unflinchingly documents the dark realities of despair and morbid self annihilation surrounding the lives of five heroin junkies. The addicts’ intertwining stories of pain, loss, sadness, and abandonment lead the viewer down the agonizing and hideous path of horrifying psychological and spiritual destruction as the grim disease of heroin addiction infects and decays the bodies and minds of five young people.

O.K.: During the shooting of BMV, did it cost you a lot of nerves to watch the people use drugs and in the long run cause damage to themselves?

L.V.: While shooting BlackMetal Veins, or any of my movies, I am there as a close friend without judgement to help the subjects/performers in my movies dive deep into their own darkness and to help guide them whenever necessary or possible to gain a better deeper understanding of themselves on the level of trauma and sadness, pain and loss. I don’t really get nervous when shooting but I am very focused on people’s safety and well-being knowing that we are going to some very difficult places.

O.K.: Amongst the German fans, the question is very controversial whether the fake-scenes in BMV might have spoiled the atmosphere and credibilty of the movie?

L.V.: Hahaha there are no “fake scenes” whatsoever in Black Metal Veins as I never intend to show normal official human reality in any of my movies; what I show in my movies is a paradox of juxtaposed hallucinogenic nightmare images and scenarios that originate from within the traumatized human mind mixed with stark grim morbid reality, and often, especially in the case of extreme drug addiction, one cannot tell the difference between so-called reality and soul-crushing surreal nightmares. I have no aspirations for approval of so-called documentary film credibility, so for me there’s nothing to be “spoiled”; my movies show horrifying mutations of reality, based on people’s lives and their stories; I collaborate with the subjects in my movies in a style that has extreme realism and so large portions of my movies may resemble many people’s pre-conceived notions of a “documentary”, and many people may in fact make up rules and regulations in their mind as to what a documentary must consist of, but all that has absolutely nothing to do with me or my movies. Junkies often cannot remember if horrible things they did or happened to them were real or not based on the overlapping of reality with the morbid otherworldly states on consciousness they create from their addictions.

O.K.: Could you explain why two versions were released – the Uncensored und >Domestic cut – and what the differneces are?

L.V.: The director’s cut has graphic sex and 3 explicit rape scenes and couldn’t be shown on Netflix or sold i many stores.

O.K.: Your movies certainly belong to the most controversial of all times, as many charts in the internet prove. But what I and many of our readers would like to know: what do you think about the most-mentioned films in these lists – I’d like to give you a few titles and hear what you think about the movies and why they are listed.

August Underground Trilogy
– only saw ten minutes of I think Mordum, someone gave me a dvd of it, and I was very wasted and anally destroying a super hot girl at the time it was playing on my computer so unfortunately I didn’t get to see it.

A Serbian Film
– i was super wasted and saw about 20 minutes of it in little pieces here and there so I couldn’t really say.

The Bunny Game
– have not seen it but I recently became friends with the director on Facebook and he is a super nice guy !

The Angel’s Melancholy
– have not seen it oops.

Guinea Pig – Flowers of Flesh and Blood
– i love it ! saw it a long time ago, and it was wonderful and i like the first guinea pig the best.

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom
– loved it ! i was very young when i saw this and it got me interested in scat which i love to this day !

Human Centipede 2
– have not seen it

– loved it ! i remember being very turned on the first time i saw that girl kissing the corpse and licking its eyeball !

Men behind the Sun
– totally loved it ! especially the freezing of the arms then ripping the flesh off !

O.K.: And is there anything elso you would like to say to your German fans?

L.V.: Thanks so much y’all !

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